We are a family run business and have been making herbal teas for over a decade.
We use only the finest herbs, teas and flavoring for our herbal blends to bring you the best herbal tea there is.
Luma Tea is a precise blend of 15 different herbs that have been cultivated with NO pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides.
Our finest blend of herbs have been developed and combined over the last decade to give you the very best herbal tea for your health.
Luma Tea is an herbal tea to balance your body, give you natural energy and mental focus without giving you a jittery feeling.
We have added herbs to help stop inflammation, gently detoxify the body and improve circulation for both mental and physical health.
Look at the ingredient page for a full description of the herbal blend.We feel it’s just the best herbal tea you can drink.
We have done all the research and have spent all of our time perfecting this best-reviewed herbal tea for you to enjoy.
There’s not a better, more natural decision that you can make for your complete health.