1) Where do you get your herbs that you blend into the herbal tea?

We get our herbs from all over the world. They are checked for fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, and chemicals. We make sure you are getting the finest herbs available. A lot of our herbs are now coming from Oregon and Washington thanks to organic farmers growing herbs.

2) How much do I need to drink daily to get the benefits of Luma tea?

We believe each and every cup you drink gives you all the herbal benefits each time; the more you drink the better you feel.

3) How much caffeine is in the original and flavored Luma Tea?

There is very little caffeine in our original and flavored Luma Tea. We use Sencha green tea in our formula to help balance the herbal blend but in very small amounts. It would take about 5 cups of Luma tea to equal 1 cup of coffee.

4) I am taking medications for different problems. Can I drink Luma Tea?

As always, consult with your doctor. Bring the information on our herbal blend so he or she will have an understanding of what is in Luma Tea so you both can decide. As a rule, herbs have the same properties as food and show no contradictions with medications.

5) Can I drink Luma Tea hot or cold?

This is what is so great about Luma Tea; you can drink it hot or cold. An easy way to drink Luma Tea on the go is to put 1 tea bag in your water bottle when you leave the house and watch it infuse into the water. It’s that easy.

6) Do you ever run specials on Luma Tea?

Yes. Just sign up for our monthly newsletter and receive information about herbs for your health and coupon codes for Luma Tea.