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  • Burnedout




    This herbal formula is for patients that have the feeling of being burned out which may have symptoms such as lack of drive, interest and satisfaction, fatigue and premature aging. It can also be caused by tension, stress, anxiety, overwork and a lack of rest or sleep. Looking at this through Chinese medicine this is caused by consumption of Qi, blood, yin, yang and kidney essence which may effect the Spleen, Stomach, Heart and a Kidney. This formula will address these areas. When there is Stomach and Spleen deficiency it can show symptoms such as general weakness, fatigue and anorexia. When there is Heart blood and qi deficiency it may contribute to night sweats, forgetfulness, anxiety. Deficiency of yin and yang leads to premature aging. Kidney deficiency leads to sexual disorders and decreased libido. In today’s times it is very common to have patients in who are burned out and this is a great formula for them to take daily to help in there recovery.

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