December 4, 2017
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Anti Fatigue


Anti Fatigue Tea

Fatigue is the feeling of extreme tiredness or exhaustion, often involving muscle weakness, that can result in difficulty performing daily tasks.
Fatigue maybe accompanied by pain, irritability, and or loss of energy, concentration, or sense of control.
Chronic fatigue can effect your mental health and quality of life.
Treating fatigue by using all natural herbs is one way to help your body heal. Don’t treat fatigue with caffeine or energy drinks.
Remember fatigue is a sign from your body telling you that something is wrong with you or your immune system.
Help you body heal with our all natural herbal tea for fatigue.

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One of the best herbs to help strengthen the body and restore vitality for symptoms such as fatigue, listlessness, lack of energy and nausea.

This is a mild herb to help strengthen the body and useful where there is deficiencies and can not handle strong tonics. It is useful for those who are recuperating from illness to help strengthen the body

This is a great herb to protect the body and improve the immune systems. When the immune system is low it can show up as having fatigue.

Fhizoma Dioscoreae:
It regulates the transformation and transportation functions of the stomach to treat lack of energy, fatigue. Helps with digestion that may lead to poor absorption of food intake.

Fructus Lycii:
It is an excellent herb to be used for long periods of time to nourish the body.

Sweetflag root:
Opens sensory orifices to help improve sensory and cognitive functions such as forgetfulness, dizziness and dulled sensorium.

This herb is great for improving cognitive functions and elevating positive mood.

Radicus Angelicae:
Helps with symptoms such as fatigue, anemia, dizziness. Helps to blood flow.

Ligustici Chuanxiong:
Helps with blood circulation.

Nourishes blood and helps with circulation to combat fatigue, mental fog and lack of motivation.

Green tea:

We blend all of our herbal teas with organic green tea to help the herbs from clumping and with the blending of the herbal formula.

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