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January 30, 2017
January 30, 2017
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Obesity, in simple terms, is having a high proportion of body fat. Fat is important for storing energy and insulating your body, among other functions. The human body can handle carrying some extra fat, but beyond a certain point, body fat can begin to interfere with your health. For this reason, obesity is more than a cosmetic concern. Obesity puts you at greater risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes and many other serious health problems.

Using Chinese herbs to balance the body, help burn fat, increase energy, and becoming all around healthier is the best way. This formula is great and has been studied for over 2 years to work.

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Description of herbal formula according to Chinese Medicine:

Zi su ye:

( Folium Perillae) Taken on a daily bases has shown to reduce body weight and lower cholesterol. It enters the Spleen and Stomach to harmonize the middle Jiao.

Shi chang pu:

(Rhizoma Acori) Calms the spirit, opens the mind for clear thinking and improves cognitive functions. It is so important when losing weight that the mind be clear and positive.

Ze xie:

(Rhizoma Alismatis) Regulates water circulation and resolves dampness.

Shan zha:

(Fructus Crataegi) Promotes digestion, eliminates stagnation to promote digestion and eliminate food stagnation. The over weight person does not digest the food properly therefore causing stagnation and eliminating problems.

Chen pi:

(Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae) Regulates qi circulation of the spleen and stomach and treats digestion with bloating and distention.

Shen qu:

(Massa Fermentata) Treats poor digestion, food stagnation, abdominal fullness and distention. Helps to break down fats and remove from the body.

Chi Xiao dou:

(Semen Phaseoli) Regulates the digestion, clears damp heat that is associated with over weight and eliminates toxins caused by excess fat stored in the body.

Lai fu zi:

(Fructus Setariae Germinatus) Dissolves fat and food stagnation, promotes digestion by treating food stagnation and indigestion typified by epigastria and abdominal fullness and distention, belching, acid reflux.

Xia ku cao:

(spica Prunellae) Helps to remove fat from the liver and heat that is caused from fatty foods.

Jue ming zi:

(Semen Cassiae) Cleans the liver and large intestines. Lowers cholesterol.

Huo xiang:

(Herba Agastache) Regulates the stomach and spleen to transport and digest food.

Huang qi:

(Radix Astragali) This herb is to help with the energy level, improve the immune system and raise the overall health of the patient. As the patient starts to lose weight many repairs on going on in the body, this herb helps to assist the body to repair.

Wu long cha:

(Folium Camellia Sinensis Fermentata) Decreases the absorption of grease and fats into the body from foods. Contains tannic acid that can inhibit the spread of bacteria and therefore neutralizes the minor toxins present in many foods. Increasing energy level, decreases body weight.

Lu Cha:

(Folium Camellia Sinensis) Is taken as a beverage or with food to remove excess fat or oil for slimming purposes. Increases energy levels and decreases body weight.

This formula should be taken 4-6 times daily, preferably with meals. Maybe taken hot or cold. Typical weight lose is 2-4 pds weekly.

This formula is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose the above condition. The information given is strictly according to Chinese Medicine and should be used and prescribed as an herbal supplement.

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